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The first wave of Legends of Dragonore figures is entitled The Beginning and it includes six figures. Each of the first 6 figures in the line also comes with one or more pieces of our first Divine Armor of Power figure. By collecting the entire wave, customers will be able to put together this special figure not available separately. The Divine Armor of Power figure is completely compatible with the other figures' joints.

Figures come packaged in retro full-color blister cards.


Heroic Leader!

Homeworld: Anterra
Special Abilities: Mighty Strength
Weapons of choice: Battle Axe
Story: Barbaro is the greatest warrior of all Lowwa Landas. Never has there been a champion as brave or as strong. But dire is the future, as Barbaro has felt The Call. The visions of a goddess from a distant world have drawn him to Darkazia in search of the ancient ruins; the legendary Well where all realities connect. Meanwhile, a war is brewing among the Landas tribes and Barbaro is left with a dilemma: stay and protect his people, or take the helmet and the axe his father gave him, and venture into the unknown for a greater feat?


Evil Magician!

Homeworld: Endimyan
Special Abilities: Magic Possession
Weapons of choice: Chaos Staff
Story: No one likes to talk about Oskuro. Those that have encountered him claim that death is preferable than being in debt to the man! And yet, some whisper that he is of royal origin; a nobleman that fell from grace in order to pursue his obsessive fascination with the dark arts. Oskuro’s reputation precedes him wherever he finds himself. That said, his motives often remain shrouded in mystery, even though his thirst for power is widely recognized. Oskuro has been seen traveling across the most savage regions of the western lands of late. Some suspect Oskuro is planning something of a dark nature, something colossal. If this is true, the world should be concerned...


Merciless hunter of darkazia

Homeworld: Unknown
Special Abilities: Wide vision, near-limitless stamina
Weapons of choice: Morning Star
Story: Within the region of Darkazia, the desolated lands of Anterra see little sunlight, the skies obscured by powerful dust storms. Within this treacherous land a castle is hidden; an ancient fortress within which many secrets lie. But crossing the desolation in order to reach the ruins is a deadly feat, for the land is fraught with peril. It is common knowledge that those who have attempted the journey have never returned, rumored to have succumbed to a terrible, implacable demon! A being so powerful and devious that many believe it is utterly unstoppable. Once this creature has selected his target, nothing will prevent him from hunting and defeating his opponent.


Silent Huntress!

Homeworld: Endimyan
Special Abilities: Nocturnal vision, heightened sense of smell
Weapons of choice: Sword
Story: From the diary of Oskuro: The cavemen of the savage inner region provide me with a great resource of henchmen. However, their subterranean world presents them with many dangers; something that I have been able to exploit, and thus demonstrate my superiority in order to win their allegiance. Amongst these dangers are a rarely-seen, incredibly fast, and viciously lethal race of panther-like beings. On one occasion, having ventured into one of their lairs and slain many of these creatures, I stumbled across a young female kit. I made the decision to take her with me and raise her as my own. Admittedly, over the years, I have grown fond of Pantera, but it would be folly for me to show any affection, for a warrior capable of great destruction lies within her!


Brave mystical warrior!

Homeworld: Al Ab Enoh
Special Abilities: Travel between dimensions
Weapons of choice: Staff of Light
Story: Of the many magical beings observed, the Jinn of Light is one the most ancient and mysterious. Ka-Rem claims to herald from Al Ab Enoh, but this name cannot be located within any ancient texts detailing the countless worlds and dimensions. It is probable that this information pre-dates existence itself or has simply been lost within the sands of time. Yet, Ka-Rem is almost like a child. He is playful and caring, whilst also being stubborn and temperamental. Ka-Rem’s relationship with his Staff of Light remains unclear, as does the true scope of his powers. We know his third eye can lead the way between dimensions, but it can also see into the heart of those he encounters.


Heroic chieftan!

Homeworld: Endimyan
Special Abilities: Projecting her spirit through dimension, divination
Weapons of choice: Bow
Story: I heard The Call. I am ready. I have been preparing for this moment all of my life, as generations of women before me did. I am the chieftain, the priestess, the mother, and the warrior. Using my powers through the mists of time and space, I have projected my spirit and reached out to the champions whose goals align with my own. With our shared faith we shall brave the quest that awaits us. A quest that will take us through a thousand Wells, into a thousand realities. I will leave my tribe, my daughter, and my friends in order to protect the pan-dimensional universe, and prevent the sacred Divine Armors from falling into the hands of those who would seek to destroy us!

First Divine Armor of Power™

Collect all parts!

Collect all Legends of Dragonore Wave 1 figures to obtain the parts to create the first Divine Armor of Power.

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