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Continuing where the Eighties left!

The second wave of Legends of Dragonore
® figures is entitled Dragon Hunt.

The new wave expands the line up with six brand new figures, an Army Builder 3-pack and a Weapons Pack.
Each of the first 6 figures in the line also comes with one or more pieces of the second Divine Armor of Power
figure. By collecting the entire wave, customers will be able to put together this special figure not available separately. The Divine Armor of Power figure is completely compatible with the other figures' joints.

Figures come packaged in retro full-color blister cards.

Second Divine Armor of Power

Collect all parts!

Collect all Legends of Dragonore Wave 2 figures to obtain the parts to create the first Divine Armor of Power.

Bruckteror Cave Men™ 3-pack

Savage Grunts Army

Bio coming soon


Mischievous Mistress of Witchcraft

Bio coming soon

Bruckteror Cave Man™

Savage Grunt

Bio coming soon


Devious progeny of Dragons

Bio coming soon


Vernal Sage healer

Bio coming soon


Heroic huntress of dragons

Bio coming soon

Chief Talon™

Brave Flying Scout

Bio coming soon

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