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Wave 1.5 Fire At Icemere!


4 Full Sets of Full Wave 1.5 - Fire At Icemere from the Legends of Dragonore™ action figures collection.  Each figure comes individually carded.



  • Glacier Mission Barbaro Action Figure
  • Dark Magic Apprentice Oskuro™ Action Figure
  • Fire Fury Ka-Rem™ Action Figure
  • Raitor™ Action Figure
  • Prophecy Vision Yondara™ Action Figure
  • Night Hunter Pantera Action Figure


A collection of new, exciting deco of Wave 1 characters, bridging the line to Wave 2.


While Divine Armor pieces are not included in Wave 1.5, the figures will feature the same accessories, articulations, quality, and paint of Wave 1, along with new bios and illustrations on the back of the packaging.


Plus, all figures will include the first Legends of Dragonore minicomic Fire At Icemere!


Prototype pictured. Final product may vary. Adult Collectible - Ages 15 and up.


In Stock!

4 Sets of Legends of Dragonore™ - Wave 1.5 Fire At Icemere! Complete S

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