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WAVE 1.5

The first "mid" wave of Legends of Dragonore figures is entitled Fire at Icemere and it includes 6 new exciting versions of the characters from wave 1. Each of the 6 figures in the line also comes with the first Legends of Dragonore minicomic: Fire at Icemere.

Figures come packaged in retro full-color blister cards.

Night Hunter Pantera

Silent Huntress!

Homeworld: Endimyan
Special Abilities: Nocturnal vision, heightened sense of smell
Weapons of choice: Sword
Pantera has many secret talents and skills, she never really reveals them to her enemies or even her allies. When Oskuro located the lost pieces of the Divine Armor of Power she was tasked with the mission to retrieve it without alerting the nearby company of Yondara and her champions. During the night, Pantera was able to turn her fur to black and curb all her odors, and without a noise she sneaked right through Yondara’s camp just outside the ruins of the temple where the armor piece was hidden. But were her stealth powers enough to hide the treacherous thief from the Third Eye of Ka-Rem?

Dark Magic Apprentice Oskuro™

Evil Magician!

Homeworld: Endimyan
Special Abilities: Magic Possession
Weapons of choice: Chaos Staff
There are many stories surrounding Oskuro’s past. Many believe he is of noble origins, and his high education took a dark turn when he started to be really interested in magic and occultism. Very few however still remember him as a wanderer and trader of magical secrets, artifacts and spells, moving from town to town, dealing with the most corrupt and dangerous personalities and providing aid to tyrants and ruthless politicians, hiding his true origins from friends and foes alike. It is whispered that during that time, he had already conquered most of his powers, but he was able to conceal his magical harness and staff interdimensionally, recalling them on occasion when he needed them.

Fire Fury Ka-Rem™

Brave mystical warrior!

Homeworld: Al Ab Enoh
Special Abilities: Travel between dimensions
Weapons of choice: Staff of Light
Ka-Rem seems to have special elemental connections, however it is still a mystery how this connection is activated and what causes Ka-Rem’s power to change so dramatically. In the few times these powers have manifested it appears to be at times of strong stress and dangerous situations, all the while Ka-Rem doesn’t seem to have conscious access to them. His Fire Power form appeared first when Ka-Rem confronted Ignytor the Red. The mysterious dragon challenged the heroic champions and picked Ka-Rem for a duel. But when the genie appeared to have been defeated for good, the fire breathed by Ignytor triggered something in Ka-Rem, which started absorbing the flames, igniting a power that allowed him to end the duel in a draw.


Heroic Brother of Onitor™

Homeworld: Unknown
Special Abilities: Wide vision, near-limitless stamina
Weapons of choice: Morning Star
The guardian of the dormant volcano of Azurat, Raitor was the twin demon brother of Onitor.
Calm, reasoning and caring, he was his brother’s opposite in almost every aspect.
In Azurat, he had created a unique ecosphere in the ice dome, with strange animals and volcanic spirit beings known as the Magmanites.
When Oskuro decided to invade Azurat, Raitor was once again forced to confront his twin brother, as the history seemed to repeat itself forever, with the two siblings engaged in an eternal battle that no one can really win. And still no matter how many times Raitor has to fight Onitor, he will always love his brother and he will always try to protect him from the dangers of the worlds they travel.

Prophecy Vision Yondara™

Heroic chieftan!

Homeworld: Endimyan
Special Abilities: Projecting her spirit through dimension, divination
Weapons of choice: Staff of Divination
Barbaro woke up sweating and panting in the middle of the night. It has happened many times, for many weeks, increasing in its intensity. At first it was a blur and a distant voice, but the dream kept coming back and the vision became more and more defined, and the voice became more and more real. The vision looked like a goddess made of crystal, shimmering in an ethereal light. Her voice was sweet and calm, but austere, and her words full of a sense of impending danger. At first, Barbaro couldn’t understand her words, but soon enough, the message became clear. From another world, Yondara, who’s powers allowed her to project her spirit through distant dimensions, was asking for his help…

Glacier Mission Barbaro

Heroic Leader!

Homeworld: Anterra
Special Abilities: Mighty Strength
Weapons of choice: Battle Axe
In his quest to find the mythical Snow Dragon, Barbaro and his allies fell into Oskuro’s trap. With the help of Pyrant, Oskuro induced several avalanches that left the heroes stranded on the Verculian Ridge with no escape from the millenary glacier that could be their grave!
The fearless Barbaro was not intimidated and through a perilous trip he soon found the entrance to the reign of the Snow Dwarves; entering an amazing world of ice cathedrals and crystal roads. Their tunnels ran deep below the mountain, providing safe passage to the band of champions on their trek to find the mysterious dragon.

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