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Formo Toys is happy to introduce the first line of LEGENDS OF DRAGONORE™ deluxe figures, starting with the mighty Dragons! This new line expands beyond the regular 5.5” figures, introducing new scales, new creatures and new format while remaning completely modular and fully compatible with the regular 5.5” sized figures.


Every dragon in the line can be configured in two forms thanks to the two swappable sets of front legs/arms included. They can stand on two legs, unleashing all their powers and might, or they can transform into their original quadruped form. Thanks to the detachable saddle, regular figures can ride the Dragons as mounts.


Fallen King of Dragons

Ages ago, the mighty Dragons, semi-divine creatures, ruled the
worlds, free to move through dimensions and were feared by all.
They only lacked one power: the power of creation.
An evil scheme was put in place to subjugate them: the promise
of sharing the power of creation that men and woman possess in
exchange for their services during the Pan Dimensional Wars.

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